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10 Instagram Worthy NYC Coffee Shops You Should Visit

Let me start out by saying that I do not feel human until I’ve had a good cup of coffee (or any caffeine for that matter).  I have been told that I should have a caffeine IV hooked up to my arm as the amount of coffee I can drink in a day is astounding.  If you take a scroll through my Instagram page, you’ll see copious amounts of pictures at cafes and I’ll often get asked about my recommendations.  Alas, I’ve curated a small list of strong and aesthetic (because why else would you go anywhere these days) coffee drinks.  This list will be focused more on the drinks rather than the actual look of the cafe, although most, if not all of the cafes on this list are an interior design haven.

1. Voyager Espresso

110 Williams Street, NY, NY 10038

This little gem (only open during weekdays) is tucked away in the lower level of the subway station and gives some serious futuristic vibes.  Try the deconstructed iced latte with their house made macadamia milk which also comes in a beaker!

2. Coffee Project New York

239 E. 5th Street NY, NY 10003 (Brooklyn location at: 78 Rockwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217)

Catch flights not feelings, am I right?  Must try the nitro flight which comes with one original nitro brew and one half and half (with milk), served with a side of honey syrup and a waffle wafer to munch on.  I’ve also tried their deconstructed latte which was a fun little afternoon experience.  Both of these options are dine-in only, so choose a day you can take a break from the bustling NYC streets!

3. Felix Roasting Co.

450 Park Ave S. NY, NY 10016

If being extra was a competition, the hickory smoked s’mores latte would take the cake.  This particular drink is for the treat yourself, overindulgence, you-should probably-cut-up-your-credit-card-after kind of day.  This latte is set in a mini smoke chamber and topped off with a flame torched s’more.  Although I likely won’t ever pay this much for the drink again, it was tasty and definitely ‘gram worthy.  I recommend trying some of the other iced brews if your wallet wants to run away at the ($14!) price tag of the s’mores latte.

4. Eleva Coffee

7 Bell Slip Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Williamsburg Bk location at: 649 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211)

Coffee mocktails exist and that’s all you need to know.  Only the Greenpoint location (so far) has the coffee mocktails with a beautiful interior to match.  The picture below is the “Matcha Mama” which is a sweetened “martini” made with creamy oat milk, vanilla, and a hint of mint – comparable to a matcha creamsicle.  If you’re bewildered that what I ordered isn’t coffee, don’t you worry.  I also ordered “The Bond” because like the man himself, sometimes you want a drink that’s “shaken, not stirred.”  It was equally delicious and tasted like a vanilla cold brew milkshake.  Before you judge – yes, I did order two drinks for myself and likely would have ordered the rest of the mocktail menu had it not been for my self-consciousness kicking in fear of looking like a crazy caffeine lady to the baristas.

5. Sey Coffee

18 Grattan St Brooklyn, NY 11206

If “Brooklyn aesthetic” was an actual phrase, this cafe would be the epitome of this.  I can barely keep a succulent alive, but I can appreciate a buzzing atmosphere filled with plants, white brick walls, and of course a nicely plated cup of coffee.


6. Sweatshop

232 Metropolitan Ave Williamsburg, NY 11211

The only people slaving away in this shop are the baristas (and maybe a few customers behind their laptop screens).  Stop by this cute little Australian coffee shop for a small brekkie and an esky (ice cream, milk, and espresso).

7. Bird & Branch

359 West 45th St NY, NY 10036

Coffee that gives you wings.  Many of the items on the menu have an Asian flair to them and all are delicious.  I opted for the Blackbird, which is a cold latte made with espresso, blackberries, thyme, and house made macadamia almond milk.  The Nori Avocado toast which was topped with sesame, fried shallots, and soybean chili is also a must.


8. Butler

95 S 5th St Brooklyn, NY 11249 (DUMBO location at: 40 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201)

The only butler I’ll be able to afford in my lifetime.  If you’re wondering why there are so many Brooklyn coffee shops on this list, then see above “Brooklyn aesthetic” reference at #5 because I am here for it.  If you’ve never considered traveling to Brooklyn for coffee, well then, maybe you should.


9. Maman

239 Centre St NY, NY 10013 (there are several locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn and all have different, but beautiful interiors)

This coffee shop isn’t a rarity in NYC, but each shop has a different look and feel.  For days you need to slow down on the caffeine train, try the lavender hot chocolate and a pistachio chocolate croissant to snack on.

10. Saltwater Coffee

345 E 12th St NY, NY 10003

Something about the Australians and coffee.  They know what they’re doing.


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