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NYC Dessert Experiences for Your Not-So-Average-Sweet Tooth

People tend to fall into two camps: sweet or savory. For those of you who have put on the Sorting Hat and were placed onto Team Sweet, I have recommended a few establishments that have kicked it up a notch with their dessert offerings.  

Not only will these prix fixe menu options leave your taste buds tingling and desiring more, but Piccaso himself would have been a bit jealous that he didn’t come up with these modern pieces of art.  Please note that these recommendations are pricier than your average dessert, because these are meant to be experiences that allow you to savor and appreciate the intricate flavors meshing together in every bite.

Marble Dessert Bar

27 Bedford St New York, NY 10014

The dynamic duo behind this casual yet posh West Village boutique almost makes me wish I could go home decor shopping in here, because the plates and utensils are just as stunning as the desserts themselves.  For $35, you can opt for a four-course prix fixe which starts off with an amuse bouche, followed by one main dish of your choice, and ending off with a palate cleanser and petit fours.  The chefs also ended the prix fixe with a bonus of freshly baked madeleines!   A $70 tasting menu is also offered if you would like to try smaller versions of all of the main dishes which are constantly updated.  

My group of 3 decided on the prix fixe, which started off with an amuse bouche consisting of a refreshing lemon sorbet, glazed with an earl gray foam and sprinkled with a toasted almond cookie crumble.   Moving onto the main dishes, each of us chose a different menu item (because sharing is caring!).  We selected the Fuji Apple-High Mountain Oolong-Maple, the Jasmine Tea-Pink Grapefruit-Honey-Marcona Almond, and the Chocolate-Toasted Brown Rice-Red Miso Caramel-Banana dishes which encompassed all of the fruity and rich, velvety flavors listed.  Our palate cleanser consisted of a honey, lychee sorbet and wine granita.  Finally, transitioning to the last course of the prix fixe were the petit fours served on a marble stand as delicate as the tiny bites being served.

Recolte Dessert Bar

300 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY 10023

Michelin star quality dessert at a fraction of the price? Count me in!  Michael Laiskonis, the former pastry chef at Le Bernadin, a three Michelin star restaurant in New York City has created a dessert bar concept with a rotating tasting menu of mesmerizing and delectable desserts.  For $23/person, you get an amuse bouche, an entree of your choice, and petit fours.  High quality desserts at an amazing price point almost seems illegal, so let’s keep this our little secret, shall we?

My party’s order started off with an ube latte and the chocolate ‘1644’, which is a creamy spiced hot chocolate with vanilla, cinnamon, almond, rose, and arbol chile.  The chile added a nice little kick that warms you up and was not overpowering like some spiced hot chocolates can be.  The amuse bouche of the night was a passion fruit sorbet with crushed pistachio, meringue chips, candied ginger, and short bread.  For the entrees, we selected the Kuro, which was a black sesame panna cotta with a tangy mandarin sauce, plated with a side of yuzu shiso sorbet to balance out the flavors, and the Verrine, which was a decadent milk chocolate, kona coffee, and chestnut mousse layered with amaretto cake pieces and a pear as garnish.  The final stop on our taste bud journey was chef’s choice of petit fours, homemade passion fruit marshmallows, and salted caramels.  

Patisserie Fouet

15 E 13th St New York, NY 10003

This cozy little spot near Union Square is a Japanese and French fusion bakery that offers a three course tasting menu after 4 PM at an astounding price of $18!  It’s hard to believe that an expensive city like New York City still offers quality experiences for a reasonable price point.  Although I unfortunately have not been able to make my way here prior to the quarantine and temporary non-essential business shut down, you better believe this is on my post-quarantine list of places to go to.  The Asian inspired flavors of the seasonal souffles and creme brulee are recommended for the tasting menu, but the daytime pastries you can purchase look equally delightful and heavenly.  

Picture credit: @fouetnyc

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